Collaboration: Think-Pair-Share

Collaborative Strategy


Plan A

  1. Pose aquestion to the group and ask the students to think about an answer to the question.
  2. Ask studentsto pair up with someone at the tableor close by, and have a student in the pair share his/her answer to the question. The other student in the pair listens.
  3. Ask theother student in the pair share his/her answer to the question while his/herpartner listens.
  4. Bring thewhole class back together, and ask several students to share what they learned from their partners.
  5. Chart theanswers for further discussion, if appropriate.

Plan B

  1. Tell eachstudent to find a partner.
  2. One partner at a time takes 3-4 minutes to outline the problems or issues. The other partner listens silently.
  3. The silent partner now responds either with questions needing clarification or withsuggestions for resolving he issues.Allow only 3-4 minutes for responding.
  4. Repeat the process, as the second partner describes the problems or issues. The same time limits apply.
  5. The large group reassembles and creates a chart of the issues related to the topic.

Plan C

  1. Group the students in groups of two or three.
  2. Read the information or think about a specific topic and take notes.
  3. Ask students to think about what they read or contemplated. Decide how they canbest share this information with another person, or pair.
  4. Students share relevant information with the other members of the group.
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