Wingman Formation in Fishbowl/Socratic Seminar

Using the Wingman Formation in a Fishbowl Discussion

  1. Students in the inner circle will participate in the fishbowl discussion. Inner circle students should:
    • Share ideas in a respectful way.
    • Listen and encourage others to participate.
    • Use respectful language when sharing ideas and asking questions.
    • Provide feedback to others in order to explore the topic more deeply.
    • Be open-minded. Be respectful of different viewpoints.
  2. Students in the outer circle will support students in the inner circle.Outer circle students should:
    • Listen carefully to the inner circle discussion.
    • Make notes about their own ideas as the discussion progresses.

    TTwo students from the outer circle will sit directly behind one student in the inner circle. These two students will be the wingman team for that inner circle participant.

  3. At intervals during the fishbowl discussion, the teacher will give each student in the inner circle time to talk with his/her wingman team. The wingman team should:
    • share their ideas with the inner circle participant as quickly as possible
    • give the inner circle participant info or ideas to take back to the inner circle discussion
  4. The inner circle will then use the ideas from his/her wingman team in the discussion.

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