Dress Code

All students, with parent oversight, are expected to exercise good judgement regarding student dress in order to show respect for themselves and for their classmates and to maintain a positive learning environment.  Teachers and administrators reserve the right to addres issues with respect to clothing considered to be disruptive to the educational process or inappropriate for the school setting.  According to our school wide policy:

Clothing or backpacks must not display:

   * Drug, alcohol, or tobacco related messages

   * Racial, ethnic or sexist slurs

   * Gang - related symbols

   * Images of violence or weapons

   * Profanity, vulgar gestures, obscene language or pictures

Students may not wear:

   * Clothing that doesn't cover the stomach/torso

   * Clothing with necklines 1" above the clevage

   * Pants that sag or are more than 2-3" larger than the waist

   * Excessively short or tight skirts, shorts or dresses (Dresses must be at least mid-thigh and shorts must have at least a 4" inseam.)

   * Clothing with spaghetti straps less than 1"

   * Pjs, sleepwear, slippers, slides or any shoes without backing

   * Clothing representing gang affiliation

   * Bandanas, chains, do-rags, hair nets, or spike jewelry

   * Clothing that exposes any undergarments



1st Offense - Students asked to change for the day

2nd Offense - Parent contact and asked to change

3rd Offense - Lunch detention, parent contact and change for the day



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